February 20, 2024

Equipment Coverage: When Mother Nature Throws a Wrench in Your Toolkit

a contractor looks under the hood of a piece of heavy construction equipment stored outdoors in winter.

As contractors across Shorewood, Wauwatosa, and the greater Milwaukee area gear up for construction’s next busy season, the right protection for their businesses – and all their essential equipment – can have a huge impact on their bottom line. Paired with general liability and commercial auto insurance policies, equipment coverage can take costly disasters like theft or weather damage off your list of worries. Here’s everything you need to know about keeping your tools protected.

The Next Big Ice Storm Won’t Go Easy On Your Gear

Late winter and early spring in the Midwest bring the roughest, most sudden temperature swings of the year, including plenty of snow, sleet, and ice. This March marks 48 years since one of the worst ice storms ever recorded rolled through southern Wisconsin. From heavy snowfall to ice sheets up to 5 inches thick, the storm battered trees, buildings, and any vehicles or heavy construction equipment left outdoors. It sounds like the plot of a disaster movie, but anyone with a few Wisconsin winters under their belt can attest, it’s all too familiar.

Your Tools, Your Livelihood – Closing the Gaps in Your Coverage

In construction, the right equipment is second only to the right skills. Of course, you’ll need both to finish projects on time and (hopefully) under budget – but only one of them can be damaged or stolen. 

Construction equipment insurance can be tailored to cover fire, wind, lightning, flooding, theft, vandalism, and almost anything else that poses a threat to expensive gear that’s used and stored outdoors. 

American Advantage Lindow’s providers take pride in making sure their clients know the ins and outs of their policies – like whether they’re covered for the replacement cost of a tool or its actual cash value. They clarify every deductible, limit, and optional inclusion upfront, helping you minimize your coverage gaps. Our providers can even help you tailor your policy to cover rented, leased, or borrowed equipment

A Safer Bet Than the Forecast

Operating specialized tools and vehicles on a daily basis is as awesome and exciting as it is risky. Looking into tool and equipment coverage, or heavy machinery coverage options, through one of our incredible partners means you can keep your team’s focus on delivering high-quality work. 

Come discover what hundreds of Milwaukee area contractors already know: when you partner with an insurance broker who understands your industry, you’ll enjoy ultimate peace of mind, regardless of what the weather throws your way.

Get a quote on your heavy construction equipment today.

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