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Auto Insurance

Car insurance is not only mandatory by Wisconsin State Law — it’s vital to protect yourself from costly surprises out on the road.
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Ideal Auto Insurance for Imperfect Drivers

Let's face it: No one is a perfect driver. Simply getting behind the wheel puts you at risk for accidents and collisions. When something goes wrong, your auto insurance policy will help cover the damages, helping you return to normal life as soon as possible.

Combing through coverage limits and deductibles can be overwhelming and time consuming. At Lindow Insurance, we make it easy for you. We can help you compare your options and help you find coverage that matches your needs.

Types of Coverage Include:

Bodily Injury Liability
Coverage that can help pay for injuries you caused to other people in a car accident.
Medical Payments
Coverage that helps pay for your or your passenger’s injuries caused by a car accident.
Physical Damage Coverage
Coverage that can help pay for collision related damages and theft of a vehicle.
Property Damage
Coverage that helps pay for damage you caused to another person’s vehicle or property
Comprehensive Coverage
Coverage that can help pay for non-collision related damages and theft of a vehicle.
Underinsured & Uninsured Motorist Coverage
Coverage that can help pay for damage to your car or to your wellbeing if the other driver doesn’t have adequate liability coverage or has none at all.
Why Lindow?

A Legacy of Excellence

For over two decades, American Advantage Lindow Insurance and our like-minded agents have been providing Wisconsin with responsive service and competitive insurance products. Why? It's what we'd want for our own families -- and yours is no different.

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What does auto insurance cover?

Auto insurance can cover liability, personal injury protection, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection, depending on your policy.

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How is my auto insurance premium determined?

Premiums are typically based on factors like your driving record, age, type of vehicle, where you live, and the coverage limits you choose.

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Do I need auto insurance if my car is old or not in use?

While older cars might require less coverage, every vehicle on the road generally needs liability insurance at a minimum. If a car is not in use, you might consider "storage" insurance.

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What should I do after a car accident?

Always ensure safety first, call the police, exchange information with other parties, document the scene, and report the incident to your insurance company.

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Can I lend my car to a friend? Will my insurance cover them?

Most auto insurance policies cover occasional drivers, but it's essential to check your specific policy for any exclusions.

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