April 12, 2018

Road Construction Safety

An image of a construction sign that reads, "road construction ahead"

Now that it’s officially spring and the weather is warming up, the orange barrels that hint of road construction to come are slowly popping up on the roads around us. Road construction season is just beginning and it’s important as a driver to know how to safely maneuver your way through it this spring.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Make sure your focus is 100% on the road at all times. You want to avoid anything that may cause distractions like looking at your phone, changing the radio and eating. Constantly keep your eyes on the road and focused on your surroundings. You never know when the traffic pattern could change or you need to make a sudden stop!

Don’t tailgate.

You should never tailgate in general but it’s extremely important to avoid in constructions zones. Rear end crashes caused by tailgating are the most common types of work zone crashes. Give yourself enough space by staying at least four seconds, or two car lengths, behind vehicles while driving through a construction work zone.

Obey the posted speed limit.

Be extremely cautious of your speed when driving through a work zone or road construction. The posted speed limits are regulated to protect the safety of those working who may only be a few feet from your speeding car. Slow down and obey the speed limit or you may pay the price by injuring a worker or receiving a citation for speeding. Remember, fines double in work zones so if you don’t want to break the bank, watch your speed.

Follow instructions from flaggers/signs.

The bright orange signs and flaggers in construction zones are there to direct traffic and ensure your safety. Obey what they tell you to do to avoid accidents or damage to your vehicle. When passing a flagger, make sure you give them as much space as possible to ensure their safety as well.

Be patient.

Patience is key when driving through a construction zone. Getting stuck behind slow-moving construction vehicles or having a road closed may be temporary inconveniences common in construction zones. Keep calm and understand that this is just part of the construction process to make the road better in the long run. It’s important for every driver on the road this spring to remain cautious while driving through construction. On top of driving safely this spring, it’s important to make sure you have auto insurance in case something happens to your vehicle while driving through a work zone. Lindow Insurance offers multiple auto policies tailored to the coverage you need. Contact one of our helpful agents today to make sure you have the auto insurance policy that’s right for you!


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