Steve Frederick

A portrait of Steve Frederick.

Say hello to Steve Frederick, Lindow Insurance Agency Agent

Steve has been with the Lindow Agency since 2002. Before joining the insurance industry, he worked as an electrician for 14 years — a job that taught him both a range of technical skills and the value of honest hard work.

At Lindow, Steve quotes policies, provides customer service, and helps with office management at the Greenfield location. His favorite part of his job is getting to talk to all different types of clients — he’s customer oriented and prides himself on a quick response time.

Outside of work, Steve enjoys watching movies — so much so that he built his own movie theater! He also likes to play volleyball and spend time with his family, including his two teenagers and dog. He’s content to relax here in the Midwest, but it’s on his bucket list to travel to Europe someday.

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